Bettys Little Angel Reborn Auction Templates

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Notification to all my template customers.
Betty's Little Angels templates are unusable due to
I have paid them faithfully for over 10 years to maintain constant graphics for all templates. Photobucket has changed their terms and raised their prices. I guess since I was on an older package they took it upon themselves to expire my account so I have to now purchase their Pro 500 package which is $400.00 and with NO more monthly payments. So, I have to pay $400.00 to get all my images back up and running. Needless to say I will NO LONGER use
Unfortunately this has created ALL of my templates useless and no longer working.
Please know that I truly understand the frustration this has caused as well as loss in sales for so many people. I do understand because I have also lost my much loved template business that I worked hard for 10 years to build and had every intention of continuing for another 10 years.
Rest assured that I will not let this beat me. I am currently working hard to try and remake as many of the templates as I can.
I am also giving everyone the graphics to every template. This will allow you to host the images yourself and have complete control of your templates. Hopefully this will never happen again.
I would like to say to all you ebay sellers out there with so many listings down because of this, I really really and so very sorry for this mess. I just woke up to it one day as you did and I truly understand your frustration and give my deepest apology as I wish I knew how to have prevented this from happening.

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Just click on the link for the section you would like to visit.