My Little Angel Nursery

Please Welcome Baby Girl Kenzie

**This beautiful baby began her little life as a New Highly sought Kenzie, by Donna RuBert!, reborn at My Little Angels Nursery.**

For Your Convenience, a Quick List of Her Features:
Weight: around 8 pound 6 oz
LENGTH: About 25" inches long


*This angel has been colored with Genesis Heat Set Paints. This paint is wonderful. It is so translucent and realistic looking. This cutie has been colored with several layers to obtain such a wonderful Mottled skintone with so much depth and realism. This paint was heat set so it is permanent and will not rub, peel, flake or fade off.*
*This little one was given a lovely soft new custom-made doe suede soft cloth body. Then the body was stuffed with new polyfill, polypellets, and lots of tiny glass beads, carefully enclosed inside a stocking.*
*The head is also weighted with new polyfill, polypellets, and lots of tiny glass bead.*
*The 3/4 Vinyl arms, and 3/4 vinyl legs are weighted with new polyfill, polypellets, and glass beads then sealed with hot glue to prevent leakage. for Optimum Cuddliness and Posablity*
*Tiny little fingers and toes painted a so natural color and has the nails tipped so that they look like they have had their first little trim in the nursery. And then sealed with a chip-resistant semi-gloss finish.*
*Gently sculpted nostrils gently sculpted open with Genesis Heat Set Paints as I did not want to disturb the delicate vinyl. *
*This angel's hair is hand rooted with Exquisite Quality Mohair, in order to reproduce the movement of the hair of a real baby. So it looks as if it is growing right from baby's head.*
*I have chosen to give baby hand applied eyelashes to match the hair color. *
*Her barely there baby fine eyebrows are also very fitting. *
*Her sweet blue eyes are so cute. *
*I have colored the lips to create a more realistic natural baby color, and then moistened lips and eyelids just a little for added realism.*

This angel will come home with: Electronic Birth Certificate and Care Sheet(with picture) Pacifier
Cute Outfit
Cap to keep them ears warm
Booties for those sweet toes
Baby Blanket

Thank you for looking.